Configure Aodh by editing /etc/aodh/aodh.conf.

No config file is provided with the source code, but one can be easily created by running:

tox -e genconfig

This command will create an etc/aodh/aodh.conf file which can be used as a base for the default configuration file at /etc/aodh/aodh.conf.

For the list and description of configuration options that can be set for Aodh in order to set up the services please see the Telemetry section in the OpenStack Manuals Configuration Reference.


This storage implementation uses Thrift HBase interface. The default Thrift connection settings should be changed to support using ConnectionPool in HBase. To ensure proper configuration, please add the following lines to the hbase-site.xml configuration file:


For pure development purposes, you can use HBase from Apache or some other vendor like Cloudera or Hortonworks. To verify your installation, you can use the list command in HBase shell, to list the tables in your HBase server, as follows:

$ ${HBASE_HOME}/bin/hbase shell

hbase> list


This driver has been tested against HBase 0.94.2/CDH 4.2.0, HBase 0.94.4/HDP 1.2, HBase 0.94.18/Apache, HBase 0.94.5/Apache, HBase 0.96.2/Apache and HBase 0.98.0/Apache. Versions earlier than 0.92.1 are not supported due to feature incompatibility.

To find out more about supported storage backends please take a look on the Installing Manually guide.


If you are changing the configuration on the fly to use HBase, as a storage backend, you will need to restart the Aodh services that use the database to allow the changes to take affect, i.e. the collector and API services.

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